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Daily Sketches.

The invisible girl.

The invisible girl. #pascalcampionart

In your arms.

That one day when you should’ve stayed in bed

I’m gonna win.


Admit it, it was you…

And here is the background, just because it tells a whole story in itself.

It’s just you and me today…

All night bookstore.

Bus Stop

Do not disturb….

Cold hands.

If only you could talk….

‘Nothing like a brisk morning run.

In the Big City

In the Big City #pascalcampionart Originally, this was done for a new year's card, but it wasn't used in the end..Happy new year 2014.

No fish, but still a hero.

No fish, but still a hero. #pascalcampionart I know I do a lot of images of my dad these days.... I do miss him a lot.I also think that having kids of my own makes me reflect a lot on what our parents did with us.... so, to all the parents out there, and for you, Mom, Pop...Thank you. I love you.

Lovely fool.

Once upon a time…

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