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And you thought we were just counting stars.

And you thought we were just counting stars. #pascalcampionart. _For you! _A rose? _ I love you _ I love you too.. but, where did you get that from? _ Haha..a magician never reveals his secrets. _Seriously, we've been here for like an hour and ... where did you hide this? _.. I can't tell you. _ Honey? WHERE was this..? _ Hu... _ Honey..?

Some things never get old.

Some things never get old. Happy Fourth! #4thofJuly #Pascalcampionart

Summer dates.

Summer dates. #pascalcampionart Sometimes, when I'm with you, I feel like we are alone in this vast universe. Something that I really like about drawing images like this is that I literally imaging the conversations for everyone of the characters. I love doing this.. it just takes a little longer.

Summer time band.

Summer time band. @pascalcampionart I know I've done an image almost exactly like this a few years ago, but I was just doodling and it just came out ,,and I was thinking...ho well, I like Monkeys, I like trees, I like music and I like to, boom bada boom..more Monkeys on a Branch


Mom. I love everything about you #pascalcampionart

And then… they go to school.

And then... they go to school. #pascalcampionart

So close to you.

So close to you. #pascalcampionart. On my way to the Center Stage Gallery. See you there this afternoon.

Ho, give me a break, It’s five O clock somewhere. ‪

Ho, give me a break, It's five O clock somewhere. ‪#‎pascalcampionart‬. Just a reminder that tomorrow I'll be at the Center Stage Gallery for the kick off of my first solo show in LA. I hope to see you there!

A little walk on the wild side

A little walk on the wild side #pascalcampionart. _Come on.. let yourself be a little "willllllllld!" _You're plenty "willlllllld" for the both of us. _hahahahaha.. I know, hu?

Fearless. happy.

Fearless. #pascalcampionart. _Who is that? _The girl who is not afraid of being happy.

The Artist

The Artist #pascalcampionart. _Lily, go to bed honey. _Just one more drawing mommy! _Sigh… just like her daddy. You just can’t stop being an artist… you don’t learn to be an artist, you just are one.. you learn tools and techniques, you mostly learn how to canalize and direct your creative energy, but you don’t learn how to be an artist.

New house, new bed, NEW FUN!!

New house, new bed, NEW FUN!! #pascalcampionart _Say it Max, say it! _OIEOIEEEEOIEEEE OIEEOIEEEEE( That's Max's way of imitating Tarzan)

Art show at the center Stage Gallery in Burbank.

Art show at the center Stage Gallery in Burbank. I am doing an art show at the Center Stage Gallery Show, starting this weekend, June 27 and 28. I'll be there on Saturday during the day! if you are in the area, come on by! The show will go on for six weeks and every week we'll update the art! — with Tina Price.

What a life hu?

What a life hu? #pascalcampionart. The stuff we've done, the places we've been.. I don't think I ever said it, but.. thank you for being there with me all this time.

Pop and I go fishing,,but not really

Pop and I go fishing,,but not really #pascalcampionart _Pop, how come we are not trying to catch anything? _ We are.. _ What are we trying to catch? _ A memory. we can't eat a memory Pop. _ It will feed your head when you get older . _ Pop? _yes. _ Are you ok? _ Never better. _Ok. _Ok. _ I love you Pop. _ I love you too. You know, one of the coolest thing about drawing , to me, is not just the fact that you can create new worlds, exciting adventures, and fun characters... it's also when you can recreate a memory. This scene never happened, this dialog, as such, never did, but it's all taken from bits and pieces of my childhood and this image , in a way, is one of the best captures of my relationship with my dad. I see so many artists, especially younger ones, always trying to imitate other artists, always trying to figure out how to draw like them, but so few actually try to create life. People will forget the drawing, but they won't forget the emotion in it if they can feel it. Try this guys.. pick a strong moment of your life, whatever that moment is.. it could be a break up or your first kiss, it could be something that happened with your big brother or your grandpa, the first time you traveled to another country..something that has impacted you, and create a series of images about it. The first one should be easy, but as soon as you get your first idea out , you'll realize that coming up with something new will force you to be honest with yourself, and you'll find that you can't just rely on what you know already.. you'll have to develop new skills just for that.. just to get that bit of truth out.. and you will start telling stories. Just try it.


Cappuccino. #pascalcampionart

Marvel Covers

Marvel Covers While we're talking about Disney and stuff.... And because I've been told that I should talk more about what I do outside of sketches, and, finally, because I got too busy today to do an actual sketch, here are some of the Variant covers I've done for Marvel comics... I definitely have a harder time with these because the dynamic style is something I still need to work on, but, boy oh boy.. this is SO much fun to do. So..let me see.. the first two are Guardians of the Galaxy , then Captain America, then Agents of Shield( LOVED working on that one), Thor, Cap and Iron Man( this one was cool because I had to base it off an old Jack Kirby cover and it was like being a twelve year old all over again), Wolverine and a new series that sounds pretty cool. There... That should be good for work news for a day..right?

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