Sketch Of The Day

Daily Sketches.

Let’s call it a TIE.

It’s going to be OK.

When life gives you lemons……

Just do something else. #pascalcampionart

And we talked the whole night away.

You never know how much you love someone until they’re gone.


Awake. What are you doing here? I can't sleep. Me neither. ..... ... ..I'm Glad you're here. too. #pascalcampionart

Forget me not.

This is the place where my Dad use to take me fishing. #pascalcampionart

Morning guests.

Frosty morning in the city.

Something about walking through a misty park…

A little spot on the edge of town.

On the corner on B and Vine.

On the corner on B and Vine. #pascalcampionart

New Year’s day 2014

New Year's day 2014 Another one of the gazillion things I like about living in the Bay area.... spending the first day of the year on the beach!

Kicking it off in style.

Kicking it off in style. 2014, here we come! #pascalcampionart

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