Chocolate and Vanilla meet in a park.

August 4, 2014

Chocolate and Vanilla meet in a park.
Can you guess what happens next?

Hey guys.. once again, THANK YOU SO SO SO much for all the support with the kick starter.
We are at 85 000 plus with three days to go. It is so much more than we expected and we are so incredibly humbled, happy, surprised, flattered and thankful for the huge support.
Not only can we do the book we were hoping to do, but we now have new options to up the quality of the book, probably add extra pages,include som of our favorite guest artists thank you so much guys!!) , do activity books and a few more goodies.

With three days to go we were thinking that we could maybe reach 90 000 and add a few more things.
On Wednesday, the last day, I was thinking of doing a live stream for most of the day where you guys can log in, and see me sketch, draw, paint on my computer and ask me questions, ask me to draw things you want, etc etc.. It won’t necessarily be incredible drawings, but it will show my process and I can try different things as well… what do you guys think?
It’s a way for us to say THANK YOU and to finish the kickstarter on a high note.

In any case… thank you SO SO much everybody.
You are amazing.

Have a great day!

The Audition. When the world belongs to me.
The Audition.
When the world belongs to me.
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